What the Patients Say


He has a gift that cannot be taught in Medical School; the gift of being human, and showing compassion. My belief and confidence in Dr. Comeau is so resolute that I have entrusted him with my most precious gift - the health and well being of my wife and children.

Tim S.

I have six children, now adults and eighteen grandchildren who are in Dr. Comeau's care. He has become a very important part of my family. I suffered a serious heart attack at the age of 63 (I am now a very healthy 70) and this caring man walked me through some tough time, never seeming to mind the extra time it took to keep me on the right track. He gave me much more than my life back for we have come to share a wonderful bond. I find him to be not only highly intelligent but an extremely spiritual person. He takes the time to know his patients and is above all a caring and compassionate man.

Ruby S.

Dr. Keith Comeau has been my family physician for 15 years, since I was 12 years old. In that time I have come to trust him completely. Dr. Comeau has seen me through adolescence and helped me to understand things my mother did, she did because she loved me, not to embarrass me. When my home life with my stepmother turned bad he comforted me and helped me to find the counselling I needed. When I became an adult I referred my fiancee, now husband because in my mind Dr. Comeau is the best at what he does.

Dr. Comeau is a caring, gentle compassionate man. I trust him with my health and my life. I look forward to him taking part in the next stages of my life and offering the same care to my children when the time comes.

Jennifer H.

One instance that stands out specifically in my history is Dr. Comeau treated me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer eleven years ago. It was as much a shock to him as it was to me. He went out of his way to make sure that I had the best care possible during that time. Even phoning me in the evenings. Dr. Comeau did everything possible to make sure that all my treatments came on schedule so as to prevent further stress from delays. I appreciate his compassion and concern in dealing with myself and my family members.

Margaret D.

Through many trying experiences, medical and palliative Dr. Comeau has been my trusted and caring Doctor. He saw us and helped at the time of my husband's death, then my son, and in that same time period, my daughter was battling cancer. I could not of coped without Dr. Comeau's support.

Norma C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Comeau for the last 17 years. At the beginning of those years, I was diagnosed with Lupus and with the help of Dr. Comeau, I made it through many hard years. Not only has Dr. Comeau been concerned about my health but he was also concerned about how I was doing mentally and emotionally. He always made sure I was not feeling depressed and I could always count on his encouragement.

One of the events in my life that truly showed how much Dr. Comeau cares about his patients was in 1987 when I contracted meningitis. I was in a coma for three weeks in the Hamilton General and during those three weeks, Dr. Comeau was constantly at the hospital. He called my parents and brother every night to make sue they were holding up and if they needed anything to sleep. Then to top it off, he brought all my friends together one night to explain what was happening to me, what the doctors in ICU were doing and basically letting them know that was going on and to keep their hopes up. Dr. Comeau always found the time to come to the hospital or call. This was in 1987 and still to this day, I can always count on Dr. Comeau to be there. My years have not been easy besides coping with my Lupus I've had both hips replaced, a blood clot, many Lupus flares, kidney infections and many stays in hospital and he has always been there to make sue I was getting the best care, that I was not in pain, and in my opinion, most importantly, making sure that I was not becoming depressed and always giving me encouragement.

Georgia V.

I have been a patient of Dr. Keith Comeau for 13 years. Over those years I have seen Dr. Comeau man times for major problems such as bowel surgery, depression and anxiety as well as many minor ailments.

I have sunk to the bottom with depression/anxiety only to have him bring me up from the drowning. He is always looking for ways to help me with any problems I have and never stops until he has found the right solution. During this time have learned that Dr. Comeau is not only the "best damn Doctor" around, but also has tremendous character. He cares about people and does all he can to help them. He is a very honest and intelligent person with tonnes of integrity.

Scott G.

I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and my elderly parents. They are patients of Dr. Comeau. They have found Dr. Comeau to be kind compassionate, caring and always professional. He does not hesitate to see them when they need an appointment with little notice (often the same day). My mother is now 75 and has been in ill health for the past few years and I firmly believe that Dr. Comeau has been instrumental in saving my Mother's life. He takes the approach that they are in this together and he gives her strength.

She and my family are very fortunate to have a doctor as dedicated to his patients as Dr. Comeau is. Thank God that there are Doctor's like him, dedicated to his profession.

Darlene M.

When we are with Dr. Comeau we always feel that we are special, whether it's his inquiry into our personal lives or the way he discusses our medical problems, he always manages to convey to us that we come first. He has always been there for us whether it's opening the office early or staying late or even making an unsolicited phone call to check on our well being.

Richard S.

In our case we found a doctor in late 1997 when it was suspected that my wife had pancreatic cancer. Dr. Comeau was a pillar of strength for my wife and me. During the period of treatment until the day of her death in October he was not only available at any time to see my wife but aided us in explaining diagnoses and other matters related to her treatment. On more than one occasion, he would phone me at home to ask how my wife was holding up and lending me support during this trying time.

Reg W.

Thank you so much for your enduring support and care during my wife's illness. You don't know what a relief it was to get my wife into the Carpenter Hospice. She would not have wanted to end up at the Hospital.

There are very few Doctors who go beyond the call of duty. My wife and family were very fortunate to have you as our attending physician. We can't thank you enough for your care and support particularly over the last few years.

Bill S.

He has assisted our family in dealing with Alzheimer's and a stroke. His sharp intelligence and warm character helped us through those difficult times. He was always available for guidance and consultation. In our experience he has always gone to great lengths to make sure that we were well looked after and aware of our diagnoses and treatment. He always treated us as equals and never belittled our concerns or fears. His positive attitude made going to the Doctor's Office a refreshing change.

Ken F.

Without his commitment to detail it is doubtful that I would be here today. His diagnosis of my Aneurysm resulted in an operation that save my life.

Bill P.

Our son's release from hospital and visit once again to your office he found a "friend" aside from a doctor. Here was someone he could talk and openly share his recent lifestyle and fears with and not be judged by his piercing or choices. He was seen as a young adult experiencing life's challenges. You had time for him (as a person) not a medical file, and you shared yourself and life experiences with you YOU WONT HIS RESPECT.

Time was a pressing matter for our son and he booked his return flight. Thanks to your genuine concern, but leaving it totally as his choice, he decided to stay and find the cause of the attacks and stomach pains. In a matter of 4 days you managed to get a second opinion (I thought our health system took forever) and a diagnosis. You even went further by following up after hours with our son and first thing Monday morning checked with me to see if he managed to make his scheduled flight back to BC.

Judy L.

During my association with Keith, (Dr. Comeau) I have come to regard him as a valued friend as well as competent and caring physician. His guidance and counselling during periods of turmoil in my personal life provided much comfort. From my own personal experiences I know that he honestly cares for his patients.

James G.

He has given all of us excellent medical care, my son and family, daughter and family and myself. My husband passed away in 1991. Dr. Comeau administered the best of care to him over a period of several months and reported to me daily with his condition and words of comfort and encouragement during the last few weeks from the hospital. I have on occasion enjoyed house visits when he deemed it necessary, never solicited but indeed graciously received. I feel he has given us 100% in medical care and we are very fortunate tin having him as our Family Physician. I often feel he is like another son and I couldn't ask for better.

Margaret M.

Dr. Comeau is always keen to really listen to me. He hears my concerns as well as expresses how own for any problems(s) I have taken to him. In the early to mid 1990's he walked right along with me down a very dark path, by hearing and recognizing where I was headed when I had to idea myself. He was to it that I had the proper medical attention and professionals required to bring me through the toughest and most despairing time in my life.

Bev C.

He has often gone beyond what we should reasonably expect from such a busy doctor. Both of us are always treated with the same consideration and respect he gives his parents. As far as we are concerned, his dedication and concern for us reflects much more than a duty and more like a true medical ministry.

Bill & Sarah G.